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Our Values

Philosophy of the Group
I. Quality
Our obsession is quality. Every day, all over the world, we are present in millions of happy moments in which our products play a major part.
We work for our brands to satisfy the demands of our consumers and clients. We tirelessly strive to establish a relationship of trust in which every bottle from our wineries always offers exceptional quality based on a product which is cared for from the grape in our vineyards, the source, until the glass of our wines.
II. Leadership
We are the first and we are pioneers. As industry leaders in Rioja in Spain and all over the world, we are always exploring new avenues which can contribute to the production and sale of our wines
Our investments in vineyards, grape varieties, singular plots and the development of our brands are the reflection of this entrepreneurial spirit and ambition to be always improving.
III. Good management
We are convinced that our success is thanks to good management of our resources. Resourced used in continuous improvement of our quality, our processes, our products and our brands, year after year
good administration is the guarantee of satisfaction for our consumers, clients, suppliers and employees, and of the creation of value for our shareholders.